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New Mexico State University

UNO Directory - Project Management


WebCT Acronym Responsibility Area Name
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P-MGT NMSU Executive Sponsor/Director Shaun Cooper
P-MGT Project Coordinator Shawna Arroyo
P-MGT SunGard HE Zo Davis
P-MGT SunGard HE Bill Churchman
P-MGT NMSU Institutional Administrator Carmen Santana-Melgoza
(575) 646-1720
P-MGT NMSU Contract Administrator Anthony Parra
(575) 646-3284
P-MGT NMSU Technical Project Manager Mrinal Virnave
(575) 646-3147
P-MGT NMSU Project Communication Brian Ormand
(575) 646-1949
P-MGT NMSU Enterprise Reporting and General Person Project Manager Olga Conter
(575) 646-1362
P-MGT NMSU Student, Academic, and Financial Aid Project Manager Siiri Rogers
(575) 646-7130
P-MGT Luminis Project Manager Rich Chavez
(57u5) 646-1810